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Ghost house by CopyCat2001 Ghost house :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 3 9 Know the artist!~ by CopyCat2001 Know the artist!~ :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 1 0 Missed us?~ by CopyCat2001 Missed us?~ :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 12 7 The painful truth. by CopyCat2001 The painful truth. :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 0 0 The whole gang... by CopyCat2001 The whole gang... :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 8 11 Sleepy sansy by CopyCat2001 Sleepy sansy :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 6 0 Badasses by CopyCat2001 Badasses :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 11 5 Tag!~ by CopyCat2001 Tag!~ :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 6 3 FairyTale-Nature by CopyCat2001 FairyTale-Nature :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 2 0 Galaxy by CopyCat2001 Galaxy :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 4 5 Two sides by CopyCat2001 Two sides :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 6 2 Chibi! by CopyCat2001 Chibi! :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 3 0 Doodle by CopyCat2001 Doodle :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 4 2 FairyTale-Moon by CopyCat2001 FairyTale-Moon :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 2 3 Street Punk OC by CopyCat2001 Street Punk OC :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 3 10 Funky apple by CopyCat2001 Funky apple :iconcopycat2001:CopyCat2001 3 0



~Chibi cute~
These characters look cute on my opinion , but I want to know your's too! :3


Ghost house
requested by Lugia98 
And if you have any more requests... send notes, not through comments ^^"
Missed us?~
Ladies and gentleman! Boys and girls! Now that you saw the TMNT DLC, I have something that will make your mind blown!~ Get ready... FOR TMNT DLC: STREET PUNKS EDITION!~

Yeah, this took a while.... oh well! Honestly *sigh* I feel like my art is shit for some reason xD Eh... 
The game doesn't belong to me. 
The Street punks belongs to  SirConcon
I only made this drawing, but you can give me your opinion about the way I draw...
The painful truth.
Look, I love Allview alright? But FUCK MAN! The phone cases for Iphone are just amazing! But omg do I want to slap a bitch for this mistake...
The whole gang...
" Some of us are good. Some of us are bad.... Can you tell who is who? "

 Yeah ok, this lil shit took a while, but I say it was worth it. After all, after SirConcon 's competition, I saw a lot of cool characters with amazing backstory and awesome powers! And I'm not tacking about my character only. Hell to the fucking nope. I brought here some of the characters that suprized me in a good way:

 U-Devil29  's  TAKAO! I love this bastard to the bits! It's just so mysterious, I can't even tell! All I can say is that I love it!

- ArizunoShojo  's RAUL CASTILLO! And here we have this cute dork. Fighting for justice! Brave! And a sweetheart! A win in my book for real! 

- Kohai-NinjaArtist 's SAGE AND SET! They are so badass I can't even! I mean come on! They are just so awesome!

Darkus-Woody 's SIREN! Carefull, she may look like an angel, but she kills like a black widow~ 

juliefofisss 's TAMMY! She is just a amazing punk. I mean, she doesn't give a fuck! xD But seriously, I like her, from the art style to the character, just cool in every way possible!

naomi2321's  VITTORIA! You know, here is a little secret. Anything dressed in a military style is just pure badass! No joke! And she is no different! A love her ( not that way ) and I just have the need to say it.

LilCinnamonRollMama 's  ELLETRA! So pure and cute! She is just an angel ( literally ) with a kind heart!~ I like her very much! And the backstory is cool too! Totally incredible.

And I couldn't hold back, I put my character too. *sigh* Sometimes I just think that my brain is fucked up...But anyway, these characters are not the only ones I like. There are many more out there that I consider them a masterpiece. My point is, no matter how much drawing or writing you do, you should never let you down. You are your own boss and you should like your creation if you feel like it! And I personally find these arts and creators so cool, even that I'm new to this fandom. I just strait up love it!
   Ok so the meaning of the title is about the site Deviantart and the people that are drawing in.Anyway let's get to the point..... I wonder if someone likes my drawings since little but kind hearted people like me and always see what I got       in store.
   I don't know what to say about this , I mean I really don't..... but I know what to do.And that is to stil draw.I know       im just a newbie,but that isn't going to stop me from doing what I like!
   So yeah.....I will NOT give up ( unless is the actual ' Give up ' game XD )!
   Thank you for reading this and DON'T GIVE UP TOO!!!

          Mood:Confident w00t! 


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